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Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
So ive owned GTR Evo for some time but havent played it that much to be honest, Ive just bought a new racing wheel so i re-installed it.

Ive been enjoying it that much i went and bought RACE On, So i own RACE 07, GTR Evo & RACE On .... Im also thinking of buying both STCC - The Game & The Caterham Expansion from steam too.

My question is this ...

Yeah i drive but have never drove any sort of hight powered racing car in my life so couldnt tell exactly how a racing car is supposed to feel/handle, In terms of realism, Physics, Car handling & track detail how close exactly have SimBin got it to the real thing?

Its it a true sim? Up there with rFactor, iRacing & Live for Speed? Or more in line with DiRT, GRID, SHIFT & ToCa RD3 ect?

Hopefully somebody can clear this up for me.
The general consensus is...

9.5 iRacing -- let's say that is the standard and leave room for improvement
9.0 Live For Speed
8.5 rFactor
8.0 SimBin games
7.0 Forza 3 / GT5
4.0 DiRT / GRID
0.0 Mario Kart

Realism is subjective. For some graphics and sound are an important part of realism.

And video game can only simulate so much. I'm sure Arma is agreat modern combat sim but I doubt it compares to having a real M16 shooting real bullets and real bullets whizing by you. Same with racing and g-forces and fear of death.

At the 7.0 level (Forza 3/ GT5 ) you get a transition from game to simulation.
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