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Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Average users pay someone to set up their home network as well. Something you or I would never do.
Ok so what's the problem then? If they are used to paying someone to set stuff up then let them. I am failing to see why having to update a blu ray player is so much more a hardship than anything else they may own... well unless the person owns no computer, no internet connection, no xbox or ps3 then yea it may be something completely foreign to them but then again we have instruction manuals that come with the device. I guess a good excuse is they don't know how to read.

Trust me, I know people can be morons but I don't think that should hold technology back just so some cavemen can feel better. They should try to make things as easy as they can for these fools but there comes a point where they are going to have to stop being lazy and read the manual.
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