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Default Re: NVIDIA selling their own cards in the retail space?

Probably the best post I've seen on the subject thus far:

Originally Posted by nobody_here @ [H]ardOCP
"....the only thing i took exception to in this article is that you spent WAAAYYY too long going on and on about how it says "built by Nvidia" when it technically is not.

i would offer to you that everyone i know buying video cards in Best Buy has a complete skewed perception of brands, manufacturers and distributors....they dont even recognize the supply chain bro....i was online playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 with two friends online the other night. they are avid online PC gamers, but not technology geeks....they think you can argue a PNY card is better than a Gigabyte card. they did not even once in the argument use the word "Nvidia" or "GPU"....not once....when i asked what kind of GPU it had they responded with "Intel" and when i explained that i asked GPU on the video card, not CPU......the response was "it's the 512Mb one"........and when i was experiencing some high pings in game one of them told me it was "most likely my graphics card"

these guys are not dumb, they have decent rigs and play online a lot.....but they ARE exactly who shops at Best Buy for video cards and let me tell you expressly without a doubt and with no exception....they give a F-ALL who made it, who it says made it, or who actually made it.....they wouldn't even commit it to memory if you explained it all to them that a bunch of suicidal people at Foxxconn built them along side iPhones.....they immediately throw the box away and would never even call tech support.......

people simply dont give a F these days. you feel pointing out; nay.....putting it up on the marquee, that Nvidia didn't actually build these cards is a noble cause, but to be honest, the only people paying attention are the ones that know better anyways...

i think this article was pretty pointless honestly and a big to-do about nothing

Nvidia is trying to break into other markets like media streaming Boxees and mobile devices. they are trying to create a larger brand name presence. it is working obviously because what would have gone passed on as a nothing occurrence is now on the front page more than once in 24 doubt driving page hits and turn ad revenue, but to learn what? Nvidia is marketing their own product? really?"

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