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Default Re: Front Mission Evolved

Well I've got to say this game is pretty awesome and exactly what I wanted. I'm a huge mech/anime fan. I play MechWarrior Living Legends all the time. Heavy gear is also pretty good and Shogo was also fun back in the day. I can't get enough of the missiles and rockets. O no I can't and that is one thing this game does over the top and fun. Missiles, rockets, bazookas, and kablamo. Awesomeness. The weapons are insane and I'm truly loving it. The story is total cheese but I don't care. The sounds in this game are great. When I'm walking around in the mech the room shakes with bass and gun sounds, I have to stop myself from playing it too late at night. Building the mechs is also pretty sweet. I've been playing in 3D today and it's not bad. I would like to have control of my own convergence but like all other 3D ready titles it seems they set the convergence. I don't like that if it's 3D ready then I should be able to set depth and convergence levels. I gatta boot up some MWLL after tonight.
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