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Default Re: Enable Fermi GPU Fan Speed Control Permanently?

Originally Posted by adamlau View Post
GTX 460 SC 768MB + nvidia 265.53 + xorg 1.9.0. Option "Coolbits" "4", or Option "Coolbits" "5" enables GPU fan speed control via nvidia-settings. Is there a known 20-nvidia.conf, or .xinitrc string we could pass to enable fan speed control at a predetermined speed? nvclock doesn't support the 460 as of yet...
I've been looking for this too a couple of weeks ago and as far as I know it's impossible because I think there is no option for nvidia-settings to auto-accept the warning you have to accept when enabling manual GPU fan speed. There are some things you can try however at the Gentoo wiki, matbe you are more lucky than me :-)
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