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Default Re: Blu-Rays and updates...

The average Joe doesn't need to know about DRM all they need to know is they can't copy a movie.

I have only had to get 1 update from a disc so far. It is a mild inconvenience at the most.

DVD players had some troubles with some discs in the past. It was even worse though because the players couldn't be updated. If you had trouble playing a movie your options were to sell the movie or buy another dvd player.

I'm not sure why you think wifi should be a piece of cake for morons. If they are too stupid to know how to plug a cable into the player and connect it to their router then I doubt they are smart enough to have set up a wireless network that their blu ray player can connect to.

Blu ray players come with an instruction manual on how to hook it up to the internet, people should read the instructions.

It would indeed be nice if we didn't need the player connected to the internet for updates but then again it is nice so that they can add additional functions to the player later and fix problems unlike the dvd players of the past. In this day and age networked equipment is the way of the future and people ignorant of this will have to get on board or step out of the way.
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