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Originally posted by sxotty
Chris you should have been paying more attention what you have suggested makes absolutely no sense, however since it seems clear it was all a mistake it is irrelevant

(as to why it makes no sense, Futuremark was not changed to detect nvidia cards and screw them, it was changed so that Nvidia cards (the driver) could not detect it, hopefully that makes sense to you)
Yeah, and just how do you know this? I didn't know you were part of the development of Futuremark and had the inside scoop on what methods they are using.

If you would bother to click on the "Details" button in 3DMark03, you would know that they are indeed detecting the vendor id of the graphics card you are using. It is a common practice to use this id in certain programs. I should know as I have written several programs that does just that.

As for your confirmation of this, show me the link where it was proven that this is in fact not the case.
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