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Default Externally flashing non-working GTX280

OK, so I have this GTX280 I've bought 2nd hand 4 months ago. Worked with no issues until last week. One evening my PC did something weird, I have a 2 monitor setup and the image on one monitor froze, with the 2nd monitor and rest of the PC working fine. To avoid a reboot, I tried simply deactivating/reactivating the monitor to change display configuration and reset the GFX card. This worked so far.
10 minutes later, complete computer freeze, requiring a reboot. Some time later, freeze again, but this time the PC won't boot anymore.
Suspecting the graphics card due to the previous weirdness I borrow an old 7600 from a friend, swap the GTX280 for it, and bingo it works.

Now I had some time I just did a complete check, and definitely the PC won't boot when the GTX280 is in. The card's fan won't start at powerup, and go to full speed after about 15sec, but nothing else happens and the motherboard never does the startup beep. Or it starts at full speed straight away, depends. The green power supply OK LED on the card is lit.

So, it seems my 280 has somewhat suffered. I have EEPROM programming equipment, and thought I might have a chance trying to reflash the BIOS, so was wondering if some still had experience on newer cards with that kind of method that was common back in the days for converting PC cards to mac before the software flashing tools...
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