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Default Re: Externally flashing non-working GTX280

Originally Posted by PieEyedPiper View Post
Do you have any reason to believe that the bios chip is screwed?
Well, not really any more reason than any other problem, except maybe the weird fan behavior... but at least it's something I could rather easily tackle, unlike the rest, as...

Originally Posted by PieEyedPiper View Post
Otherwise, have you performed a visual inspection of the board for broken components, leaking capacitors, burned components or cold solder joints? Do you have any reason to believe there is any physical damage?
Yes, I have inspected the card visually but didn't find any visible damage. Well it's rather hard to check EVERY connection as there are many hundreds of components, and a lot of BGA chips that hide their pins very well, but from what I can see there's no sign of local overheating or such, and the joints in the PSU area that's always under good stress all look good.

While I was at it I've also tried to boot with the card disassembled, and checked component temps without finding oddities. The GPU does heat up a little i.e at least receive some power.

Originally Posted by PieEyedPiper View Post
Is your bios/flash chip removable? If not, I don't see how you're going to give it a reflash without some seriously careful soldering.
Not meant to be removed, but the manufacturers still use the same good old 8-pin SOIC 24C series serial EEPROMS (24C16 on that card), so it's not hard at all to come and add programming wires or remove it if needed.

I think a key point in here is the complete PC lockup. I've had a little refresh on the matter, and from what I can see on tweakers' forums usually a bad flash leading to a corrupted GFX BIOS isn't even that bad, it's always possible to boot the PC with another working card to display the OS, and reflash the "dead" card that of course also sits in the PC. But not in my case, as whenever that card is inserted in a slot the PC won't boot at all, even with the other card in.
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