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Default Re: DICE is listening- What do you want changed in MOH?

Like BFBC2 there will be no mod tools for MoH. This was stated months ago...the frostbyte engine is not suitable to create a mod tool kit for end users...end of.

As Vin said public dedicated server support is dead...For the average FPS gamer this is a good thing, for all the modders and competitive LAN players it isnt quite so good.

What i would like to see changed is....

1. Recoil...the weapon spray on guns like the AK47 from recoil is non exsistent. If you keep your trigger down on a AK it shouldn't fire a laser line of bullets as it does in MoH.

2. Radar map is awfull, friendly players showing up as white and blending with the radar map objects is not a good idea, they need to rethink the colours for it.

3. Linear, on the snow map on attack there is 2 routes that 'have' to be used to get to the first objective...with a slightly skilled team defending this can be made almost impossible and an attacking team using nothing but snipers aint gonna get anywhere.

4. Bullet collision, although the reg is pretty good the collision is not. Far too many times i have thought to be covered by a rock or similar only to be shot straight through it.

5. Movement, is way too restricted, a lean and a prone is a must for a game like this and the ability to straffe whilst running would be nice.

6. Options ingame for bloom, FOV etc instead of having to edit the .ini file.

7. decrease damage, guns are too powerfull for a non hardcore game.

8. Not sure if eevryone gets this but i notice massive lag when i press shift, W and Tab together (run, forward and scoreboard) from a spawn.

9. Ok so we have accepted that no mods will be released, however a game mode for private matches would be nice...

10. Indoor maps, need to see some of these in MoH, something along the lines of Vacant from CoD4 or V2 rocket facility from the original mohaa.
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