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Default Re: nV News Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Awesome setup indeed

But I don't like a 3 wide screen setup in portrait mode, at least not for gaming. It's only a bit larger than the 30" Dell next to it but it has those bezels pretty much in the center of the image.
A 3 wide landscape setup isn't nearly as bad IMO and it gives you a much better surround experience also.

Roliath, wasn't the plan to use the 30" as the middle screen?
These aren't widescreen so I do gain a bit more width than a 16:9/10 LCD. But I still plan on using the 30inch in the center and the two 20's in portrait. But I wanted to get them setup first and make sure colors + pixels were good to go. I'm only gaining about a 1000 pixels width wise than the single 30.
I'll have to play with it more, but for the time being I'm enjoying it. Wow, Starcraft, and Laracroft's GoL looks great on it. FPS's not so much. Takes a bit of getting used to.
This is I believe how WoW should be played, but i keep getting out of memory crashes. Gonna investigate this more. I couldn't get Mass Effect to load either at this resolution, well it will load but I can't see the far right side. Its lke the resolution isn't being applied properly.

Resolution is 3600x1600 or 3900x1600 with bezel correction (viewable in the shot of bc2 with the gun drawn)
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