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Default Re: Steam account stolen

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
If it was, I'm sure somebody would have tried to EFT money out of one of my accounts by now. Or stolen my gmail account. Or my credit card information. Or my account which has both wow and sc2 (and my wow account is worth some bucks btw, 104k gold with a toon that has all of the best gear in the game.) Or any number of other things.

EDIT: Doing some research yields that apparently low steam ID's are valuable to hackers, because it makes high scores in the CS scene look legit because they are using an old account, when in fact they aren't legit at all. This is probably why my account, with the few games that it has, was targeted. This probably means my account will be vac banned soonish as well.
I have a low number ID yet mine has never been "stolen". Also, stealing credit cards can come with jail time. Stealing a steam account will result in nothing.
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