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Default Re: Steam account stolen

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
stealing credit cards can come with jail time
Tell me, why exactly would he care if he's from russia? I'd love to hear your reply to that one.

And besides, banks don't investigate credit card theft. The bank just writes it off as a loss and then issues you a new credit card. Tell me, how often do you hear about people going to jail for credit card theft?

You act as though it's impossible for servers to be hacked.

Back in february of this year I bought 4 HDMI cables from monoprice. In march my credit card was used by somebody I don't even know. A few days later monoprice sends me a letter owning up to their systems being breached.

Furthermore, stealing accounts doesn't result in jail time either, yet this person hasn't touched mine in spite of it being worth at least a thousand bucks.
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