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Default 260.19.06 - PowerMizer problems when in "performance level 0"

When PowerMizer is in "performance level 0" card from time to time gives a "Recovery GPU Errors" and the computer stops for a moment and makes the screen flicker and is fine until it happens again after a few minutes.

In "Performance level 2" does not happen.

The card is a "Nvidia GTX275" set up by Asus, use 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 and 260.19.06 drivers, the card is in the following values in each level in PowerMizer says Nvidia panel:

MemoryClock GraphicClock ProcessorClock
0 - 300MHz 100MHz 600MHz
1 - 400mhz 300mhz 800mhz
2 - 633MHz 1134mhz 1404mhz
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