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Post First Preliminary Results from the U-Decide 2010 3D Survey

Lately we are seeing quite a lot of surveys made about different 3D products, services and solutions. And at the beginning of this month the U-Decide 2010 Initiative also finished with 1,169 respondents (735 traditional 2D gamers that don't own 3D equipment, 434 experienced stereoscopic 3D gamers that do). With 75% of respondents based in North America, 15% from Europe, and the remaining 10% spanning the rest of the world. MTBS3D has already released a few charts from the preliminary findings from 2010?s edition of The U-Decide Initiative that you may find interesting, covering questions like: 3D Glasses or NO 3D Glasses?, Will 2D Gamers Buy a 3D HDTV?, Will 3D Impact Game Developer Bottom Lines?, Is There Money to be Made For Game Developers?. So if you are interested head on to check them out.

- For the U-Decide 2010 Preliminary Results, Part 1?
- For the U-Decide 2010 Preliminary Results, Part 2?

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