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Default Re: Opensuse 11.3 x64 X server freeze with driver 256.53


I have the same problem on my machine.
Sometimes when switching from normal X to some kind of video overlay (like mplayer with vdpau or mythtv with vdpau) or switching video modes (at least it seems like that's the cause) the system freezes for a while with some activity on my hdd sometimes and then comes back a few seconds, sometimes minutes later.
I also get the freeze at most of my logins to X.

Specs: Phenom II X2 550, NVIDIA Geforce GT 8500 256er driver series, opensuse 11.3 (not a fresh install but kept current via distribution update)
I always use the nvidia installer and never any rpms. In the bootloader I use the options brokenmodules=nouveau and nomodeset and I rmmod'ded nouveau.

There's nothing specific or helpful in /var/log/messages or Xorg logs, at least nothing that I can see ...

195er series works without those problems.
Help with this would be appreciated ! Thanx in advance :-)
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