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Post Six Stunning Projects That Show the Power of Data Visualization

No doubt journalism and publishing has really gotten excited about Data Visualization lately. It's not a particularly new field, but the tools to create the visualizations have moved out of academia and science and into mainstream, opening it to anyone with a web browser and the time and patience to use Tableau Public, Trendalyzer, or ManyEyes. Over at MediaShift, Anthony Calabrese has begun a regular article on Data Visualization, and opens with a quick intro on what it is and why folks care.
Data visualization is taking the web by storm and, with a little luck, it might be the next big thing in online journalism. Buoyed by the open data movement and accelerating change in newsrooms around the country, it has become something more than just flashy graphics and charts ' it is a new form of visual communication for the 21st century.

In the coming months, I'll be writing about this emerging field for MediaShift. We'll cover best practices, free tools and resources. We'll also analyze the best of the best and talk to some data visualization or viz bloggers about what's hot and what's not. From time to time, I'll share some of my own data viz experiences with you and seek your feedback.

via MediaShift . Six Stunning Projects That Show the Power of Data Visualization | PBS.

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