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Default Re: Galaxy S Captivate and Fascinate updates

Alright I got the update/fix tonight and I see some changes.
1. Compass is fixed and works great now.
2. Task Manager button added when you bring up list of recent apps by holding home button
3. Media Hub icon added in apps
4. HD Camcorder icon added in apps
5. Option to set wifi to turn off after display goes off is now gone. (This was probably causing problems as some people complained of wifi not reconnecting)
6. Settings/Mobile Networks/Network Mode has new options of GSM/WCDMA (auto), GSM Only or WCDMA Only I believe before it used to say auto or 2G
7. GPS seems to work a hell of a lot better. Just went outside and before could rarely get 3 or 4 sats to lock but now it saw 11 and locked on 9. Accuracy showed 6 meters. Haven't got to drive around and test it but so far it seems like it's fixed. Thank God as that was my biggest gripe with the phone. I also noticed in GPS Test from market Place that the time settings were correct. Before the time of the GPS was off a few hours which I believe may have been affecting the operation of it.

Some others say there are 40 bug fixes and now you can set sounds for different calendar events. The above is all I could see different though.

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