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Default Re: Official F1 2010 Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Even from a casual racing game point of view this game is flawed. Like you said, it has bugs and design errors in very fundamental aspects. Plus the gravel pit and inside curb detection feels scripted and not calculated. Even arcade racers do a better job at those basic elements. F1 2010 feels good for a while in a race, no doubt. But then suddenly another design ****up destroys the immersion in a heart beat.

This is why I don't give a crap about reviews anymore. The score is solely based on the marketing budget of a game and on how much bribing is going on. It has nothing to do with the quality of the game itself. This is really a perfect example.

btw, what punctures? I've never had a flat spot and I'm braking very, very hard. If I'd do the same in iRacing the tyres would be done after 2 laps
Some are getting unexplainable punctures,like coming out of the pits at the start of a practise without touching another car .It's happened to me a few times in the lead with no other car close and also in free practises/quali,all of a sudden your front tire explodes.I've had punctures far more often than whats realistic so i guess it's just another designflaw.

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