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Default Re: this needs to stop now

I posted this in that other thread, and figured I'd post it here:

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

That's not gonna' help and you know it. Best thing to do is just leave this thread, and any thread it's mentioned in, untill they get tired of bringing it up.

You reacting like this encourages them to taunt and tease you more and more. Sometimes it really is best to just walk away. You did something really stupid. You then went and made it really public- these clowns here to have enough give a damn to do anything but rub it in your face.

Let them do what they're gonna' do- you just walk away. It's the fastest way to get 'em to drop it. It'll get boring for 'em and they'll move onto something else.
This likely wont accomplish anything. You're not the law, MikeC and his moderator staff are.

And as much as this might upset you, it'd do you best to just stop frequenting any thread where this is brought up. That's the quickest way to make this get old and tired.

You cussing and shouting and throwing a hissy fit accomplishes nothing, other than feed your anger, which you've shown you likely have too much of.
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