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Default Re: HTC Wildfire tommorow

well, I'd agree on keeping the task killer. I use the built in one (not ATK, but samsung built in a special one) for killing off games that I know i'm done with, etc. Use it only in a manual way, because Mav is right, Android does really have some great memory management, but it doesn't hurt to have that user-control for specific situations

As far as multi-tasking there's a few ways of looking at it;

If you're in an app, and you hit the back button until you get to the home screen, you just effectively killed off that app....
If you're in an app and hit the home button, you basically minimized it, next time you hit the app icon you will be brought back to the same spot that you were in the app if it supports that.... for example "Angry Birds" doesn't and just takes me to a new game, but the browser does, leaving your page intact

Android basics.... the "Settings" or "Menu" button are context-sensitive, they only bring up the menu for that selected app
The "Home" button isn't context-sensitive and will always bring you home
The "Back" button is context-sensitive and it will take you to the last spot you were in the app, until finally it kills off the app returning to the home screen
The "search" button is context-sensitive most of the time... the only time it encompasses all search categories (music, web, contacts) is when you press it from the home screen.

Android actually is very intuitive when you get to know how it works. I find it far more useful than iOS anything just because of the multitasking and the ability to specify back one menu through a dedicated button instead of relying on software developers to add the needed navigation to an on-screen menu.

If you're running into battery life issues check out "Juice Defender". It will kill off your 3g radio and only start it up again every 15 minutes to let apps sync, if you're pushing over 50k/15seconds in traffic, or if you unlock the screen. It's given me a fairly significant jump in battery life just from using the free version.

Please note that this will interfere with apps like Pandora... but that's the only one I've found. You will still get your email (every 15 minutes) and it doesn't affect texts or calls because those don't rely on 3g data. You can actually fix the Pandora issue if you have the paid version which lets you selectively allow apps to keep the 3g alive, but the easiest thing is to just kill juice defender if you're using pandora

also another general tip, just use wifi if you have it available to you, it sips less power than your 3g radio will
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