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Default Re: Galaxy S Captivate and Fascinate updates

Alright found an annoying bug. When the phone display has been off for a while the wifi disconnects and the phone mobile data connection takes over. When i wake up the display it shows it connects to wifi again but I can't do anything with it. I turn off wifi and the mobile data works then I turn back on wifi and nothing. I even disconnected from my wifi router and then rebooted the router, same problem. The only way I can get it to start working again is to reboot the phone.

I mistakenly thought they got rid of the option to to set wifi to turn off after display goes off or leave wifi on all the time. It is there under wifi settings then hit the menu button and go into advanced. I like having it go off when the display isn't being used as it saves battery power but this sucks having to reboot it to get wifi back.
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