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Arrow Accelero XTREME Plus for GTX 480

Last edit: November 4th, 2010

I received the mounting kit from Arctic Cooling today. I do have to give AC props for customer support once they realized there really was an issue with their site. They have just completed about 2 months worth of work on it and were still ironing out bugs as I was attempting to order the kit. Thanks Arctic Cooling.

For install pics I'm just linking the thread at EVGA that Rummy kindly provided earlier as the pics of the card and install process looks no different here than Yoke29's excellent thread does there. And thanks Rummy for posting this.

Ok, keeping this short as there's not much point duplicating Yokes fine review, and that's about what it would be.

For some reason neither printscreen nor Fraps would take a good snapshot of Furmark, but...

Stock cooler load temps

Xtreme Plus load temps, same profile, nearly dead silent. temp maxed at 65c, I just forgot to mouseover to show it

If anyone wants any other temps or tests just request it and I'll do my best to help out. Sorry for the short and pretty lame review, but after all this time I just wanted it installed and done.

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