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Default Re: WRC: The Official Videogame (PC, RROD_Box, PS3)

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
I assume you play career mode. The first bunch of cars don't have enough power for oversteering (you can try lowering the gearbox and taking corners with low gears. Although you will again notice that the cars are not powerful enough for oversteering). You can still power-slide by pushing the acceleration pedal, although you'll have to slow down and put a lower gear (first or second). You can't expect a B class car to perform the same as a WRC in high speeds (regarding the oversteering). So wait till you get to the WRC cars
I actually was driving the WRC class in single stage races. Impreza. I've driven lots of Imprezas on and off the road 2001-2010. STi WRX and Rs'sss. I own a 2001 2.5RS with only power mods and some strut tower bars and I can power slide that son of bitch on any surface. I'm going to give it a few more chances just because I really wanted to like this game. Maybe I'll find a sweet spot for the diffs.
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