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Default Re: Galaxy S Captivate and Fascinate updates

Well I had it set to always keep wifi on even when the screen goes off and what do you know it screwed up again. I was going to the store and decided to take the phone with me to test the GPS in the car. I wake up the screen and try to search Google places for the Food Lion down the street to get directions and nothing. It won't get on the web either. I turn wifi off and have a Mobile Edge data connection it shows but can't connect to the web. Have to reboot it again. AARGGGG
Anyways, the damn thing comes up after the reboot and ios acting fine again. So I tell it I want to go to Food Lion and it gives me directions and off I go. It works pretty well till I get to a stop sign then it thinks I'm still moving and pass my turn so it decides to reroute me. When I take off from the stop sign it reroutes me again then it takes me to Food Lion.
Now coming back home it sucked more ass than Oprah in a whirlpool. I tell it to take me home and the damn thing never can figure out where it is the whole 7 minute trip back home. It keeps thinking I'm way off somewhere else. I have a GPS lock too and it says 10m accuracy. Bullsh!t, it is trying to tell me I am about 50m away from where i really am. I think my wife may be mad at me too because according to it I bypassed the bridge home and just drove straight through the damn water in her car
Even when I got home I sat in the car outside the house and it thought I was down the road sitting in the ocean and still saying 10m accuracy. WTF I turn off the GPS and let it use wireless locations and it gets me closer to the house then the GPS does and plus it doesn't think I'm in the ocean but actually on my street a few houses down.
At least before when I got a lock it was pretty accurate and never more than 15-20m off of where I really was. Now this damn thing is worse off than before.

My wife was just complaining yesterday saying she wanted my phone since it could do so much and I could have her Garmin phone. I may take her up on that. This thing is aggravating to say the least. But then again I'd be passing my problem onto my wife and then I'd still have to hear all about it's ignorant ways.

I should have just stuck with a Tracfone I guess...
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