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Default Re: Rally on the Supreme Court to Defend Video Games!

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
If kids are allowed to play whatever games they want it will ultimately mean more cencorship for games on the whole in the long run. I'm all for 17+ 18+ games being restricted and having those restrictions enforced properly.
Kids today have a lot more freedom than when I was growing up, that's for sure

I was at Austin City Limits music festival and for the first time it really struck me just how free they are.

Most of the pot being smoked was by the teens and not just the 18/19 yr olds either. There were posse's running around who were 14/15 and just lighting up in droves. A lot of them were sneaking in booze and they were usually the ones pushing to the front to get to the stage with about 2 minutes to go before the shows started

There is no parental responsibility anymore it seems and as such, rallies and things like that are not going to help much when it comes to games and ratings because kids don't have any fear anymore.
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