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Post Introducing a New Release 260 Driver with Support for GeForce GT 430

Today we released the second driver from our new Release 260 family of drivers. We introduced many of the new features and performance upgrades in Release 260 drivers last month, when we released the first beta version. This newest version of Release 260 adds support for the new Fermi-based GeForce GT 430 GPU, which is available world-wide starting today from NVIDIA's board partners. GeForce GT 430 is specifically designed to power today's cutting-edge digital media PCs, providing a great experience for photo and video editing, Blu-ray 3D, mainstream gaming, and the next generation of GPU-accelerated Web browsers.

Version 260.89 also includes several bug fixes from the earlier beta release and adds SLI support for some of the latest PC gaming titles including Dead Rising 2 and City of Heroes: Going Rogue.

The new version 260.89 can be downloaded here. We expect to post a WHQL-certified version soon.

Enjoy Release 260 and the new GT 430!

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