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Default Re: I'm getting a new TV

Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
Im curious about that as well. What are the benefits of spending a substantial amount more to get 240Hz?
For a 2d set that will never be 3d, it is a waste. Given that above 60hz any changes are barely susceptible to the human eye, and that you are not going to find a native source that can output that other than a computer.
For example: (for 3d you need to double the hz to get half the frame rate, two frames one for each eye).
720i 60hz
720p 30hz
1080i 60hz
1080p 60hz
Game consoles (360/ps3) up to 60hz
PC - The sky is the limit. (note: you need to use vga/dvi/display port, hdmi does not support variable refresh rates).

But consumers like bigger numbers, even if they are meaningless (there have been studies done), and manufacturers are happy to oblige.
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