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Default Re: DICE is listening- What do you want changed in MOH?

Originally Posted by MaydaX View Post
The reason they are not public is to control the DLCs. If you had the files you could have enabled all the "map packs" long before they were released, enabled all unlocks for everyone, unlimited ammo and more.

BC2 was hacked within days of the beta and no server files was released. They got leaked in May/June and even with the leaks each server patch still includes the pdb files that contains all the debug info for the server exe. Last exe to be leaked was R21 if I recall. I always said better to release an exe publicly on your terms then to have a private, more exposed one leaked.

Honestly I expect MoH retail server files to be leaked as well considering the breached gsp is still a trusted provider
Ahh right, I forgot about DLC. Add another one to the list.

But that's just a form of piracy.
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