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I bought the game and it's interesting, but the biggest issue for me is the low res graphics make it pretty hard to tell what anything is. I got this weird tear drop shaped black thing in my inventory I thought was coal, but it wasn't it's something else. I don't know what it is but I wasted a lot of time getting a bunch of it to make a torch but night fell I died in my hole in the wall cause it wasn't coal. I erased the save game started again.

Next time through, I got coal and made a torch made it through the night, but apparently the things in the night that kill you stay around in the day. I figured it's day so I walk around saw thing tall green tree like thing and boom it exploded and I died losing much of my stuff. Spawned quite away from my hole in the wall so spent most of the "day" trying to find my way back. Got there a little before the sun set and got no real play time just have to sit back and wait for dawn before I can explore again which is boring as hell.

I can see the game being interesting in the future, but honestly right now it's not good enough yet IMHO. They need to at least put up some on mouse over pop up boxes on the materials you have so you can tell what the stuff in your inventory is, it needs some faster way to remove all stuff from your crafting box slots since you will be using it a lot and gathering the separate boxes is just slow. And my biggest issue with it, is night time especially after you died and have no resources on you is boring. You can't go out really or you die, you can't craft since you have no resources so you just sit there and wait for what feels like forever doing nothing waiting for it to get brighter so you can actually do something in the game.

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