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Default Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow

Don't know about you guys but i am seriously enjoying this. Though i was a teen during the NES era of consoles and beyond i never played a castlevania game so one could say this is my first castlevania game. Really digging the combat although i have come up against a few annoyances like the gigantic trolls and biped lycans but imo once you get the rythme of combat, it is actually quite pleasant imo. Really glad i got this game

EDIT: One niggle i have with this game is some of the imvisible walls which are distracting to say the least as i want to go and explore everywhere. Feels a little like hand holding although there are areas that branch out, to conclude exploration feels as if i am telling an adult (who is leading me by the hand btw) where i want to go out of a choice of two rather than going ape

Combat on the other hand is a joy to behold especially juggling light and dark magic
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