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Default Re: Using a GTX260 and GT430 in HybridSLI

Originally Posted by Ulukai View Post
As far as I know, Hybrid SLI only works when combining a dedicated Nvidia graphics card with an on-board Nvidia chip on the motherboard. Also, I know it works for Windows, but I'm not sure about Linux. Make sure you check that first.

"Hybrid SLI® technology, based on NVIDIA’s industry-leading SLI technology, delivers multi-GPU (graphics processing unit) benefits when an NVIDIA® motherboard GPU is combined with an NVIDIA discrete GPU. Hybrid SLI increases graphics performance with GeForce® Boost and provides intelligent power management with HybridPower™. "
Hmmm.... ok, interesting. Then would just standard SLI work? If I'm not mistaken it's possible with the latest drivers to mix and match cards, but what issues would I run in to, if any? Would I theoretically get GTX260 + GT430 power? Or even at least what the GTX260 can do on it's own?
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