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Default Re: Official Medal of Honor Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
I think the MP is great, looks way better than SP and plays totally different. Why use two developers ? to rush it I guess.

All in all I like the MP and will pass on the SP....hopefully Special Ops will have a good SP

People hate on COD but the story is usually awesome and the SP experience is always amazing. I love COD. I like BF. The MP in MOH is much better than the SP. I got some more of the SP done but its just not drawing me in and the graphics are sub-par. Although it was the MP demo of this that sucked me in to buying it. I buy every COD BO and my purchase of this will not deter that in any way. Having retail just means I can sell this copy if COD BO is everything they are making it out to be.
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