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Default Re: VDPAU video surface destroy takes too long

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
That's odd. I haven't observed anything like this, nor heard any other reports of the problem. Are you able to reproduce this with a simple test-case application? Are you sure that the actual VDPAU driver call is taking the time; there's nothing else within your application included between timing calls, and nothing else on the system that delays when your program runs?
Hi Stephen, I found the problem, we do a lot of switching of video sources and it turned out VDPAU was causing green background flash between switching, so one of my colleague created a new window and destroyed the old window to supress the green window popping up, followed by the VDPAU destroy. Causing the window destroy while VDPAU device is still open caused the problem. I reversed the order and it got fixed, however we are back in square one, which is green flash.

If I set the background to {0,0,0,1} the green is replaced by black however some weird artefacts show up on the screen - part of the old display is stays while remaining part if updated with the new video (probably because of alpha's?).
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