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Question Ubuntu 10.10 Freeze at Splash screen - After installing NVIDIA 260.19.12


I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit Desktop Edition) on my Alienware m17x. I am a linux newbie and i referred to various forums and messages before i typed this.

To note, I installed the NVIDIA drivers from System -> Adminstration ->Additional drivers. The laptop Seiko display works fine but there are some problems as outlined below.

Problems :

1. My graphics cards are GeForce 260M in SLI mode (dual cards). However the graphics card that has been identified by NVIDIA is GeForce 9400 which is the onboard graphics. Maybe if i correct this one, my other problems might go off but not sure.


Tried installing the newer NVIDIA driver from Installed from ROOT with TELINIT 3 and could not run command nvidia-xconfig -a to enable both GPUS. Got error as API MISMATCH: NVIDIA Kernel has version 260.19.06 whereas the NVIDIA Component has 260.19.12.

When i rebooted my system, the resolution was worse than before.

I then tried to remove the restricted drivers and do a fresh install of the downloaded driver by deactivating it and reinstalling the drivers. The screen went blank on reboot.

So i had to resort to uninstalling the newer NVIDIA drivers and installing the restricted drivers to make the display look better.

<EDIT> I checked the BIOS and saw that the HYBRID SLI had been disabled. I tried enabling the HYBRID SLI in BIOS and then do the nvidia-xconfig -a after reboot, but i got the following error. Click image for larger version

Name:	NVIDIA GPU enable.png
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So as of now, i am only running the graphics from the onboard GPU and not the SLI Cards present in my laptop. Pls help in this.

2. Pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 thru F6 gives blank screen (no display no backlight even). I am able to switch back to X by pressing CTRL + ALT + F7. Also CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE does not restart X as it is supposed to.

I believe that this is due to the resolution conflict.

3. Using an external monitor (Dell S2409W) with my laptop (thru VGA)

NVIDIA does recognize the monitor in NVIDIA-SETTINGS as shown in the image.Click image for larger version

Name:	NVIDIA Settings_img.jpg
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I want separate display as TwinView is messing up with my laptop resolution and i cannot access the top / bottom panels etc. I want to use my monitor only for viewing and not the laptop display.


I did try to enable the monitor and click on but the monitor does not seem to be receiving any signal from the laptop. I did a reboot as well but that did not work too.

I am also attaching the XORG.CONF file for reference. xorg_conf.txt

Pls find the NVIDIA bug report log here. nvidia-bug-report.log.gz

I have tried to be as clear as possible in my wordings but pls dont hesitate to ask me any further details. Pls help me out.

P.S : I have also asked the same question over at the Ubuntu forums, but i haven't got any reply yet.


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