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Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
After a while of playing I now love the game. I still need to find some red dust so I can make a compass. I haven't died in a long while now, I have 2 "homes", but if I die I can only really be sure to find the initial one. I got lost again and somehow found my 2nd home and have stayed there since.

I have mined so much already and haven't found a trace of any red dust, but I am going to keep digging till I do, I need that compass bad .

Just dig down. If you hit a cave and you're fairly deep, either walk around till you find lava (Which indicates that you're low enough to find any ore) or keep digging until you either hit the black unbreakable blocks or the red ore itself.

I found some lava in a big underground cave and I've got literally more red ore than I know what to do with. It's the diamonds that I'm after.

this helped me figure out the ore.

There is a legit process for efficiently mining for ore and once you figure out everything, it makes finding the right stuff a lot easier.

But yeah... chances are, if you can find lava in a deep cave, you're surrounded by redstone.
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