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Default Re: 260.19.12 still not working on 10.10

A quick question for you...

Does your laptop have Dual Graphic Cards in SLI mode ? Cos mine does and i could install 260.19.12 but not run nvidia-xconfig -a on it cos the Kernel was 260.19.06. If you somehow made that work, can you pls share the steps you did for the same.

Also are you able to see the terminals when you press CTRL + ALT + F1 thru F6 ? - I am unable to.

Right now i have the additional drivers from Ubuntu installed and the graphics adapter is identified as the NVIDIA GeForce 9400 which is the onboard one and not the 260M SLI config.

As for your display, can you try with VGA cable to the second monitor, cos i guess that was the problem someone else had and they changed the cable from DVI to VGA.

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