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Default Re: Possible to SLI 2 different GTX 480 ?

Thank You, Rollo.
I did it !!
I decided to go SLI to improve the FPS with 3D Vision, that too with a different company made GTX 480 (Leadtek).
Man, its really worked for me ! All my games are now twice as fast..... for instance, in Dead Rising 2, I was getting only 25-30 fps (using 3D vision) in zombie-infested large areas with the single GTX 480. Now, after going SLI, I get 58-60 fps even in graphically-intensive areas.
NOW, its certainly much more fun, while playing games using 3D Vision !!
And Oh ! Mafia 2 is rocking too !!
CPU - Intel Core I7 920
2x SLI-Zotac AMP GeForce GTX 480 and Leadtek GeForce GTX 480
Monitor- Samsung 2233RZ 120 Hz (3D ready)
Memory - 6GB G-Skill
PSU - CorsairHX 1000 W
Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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