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Ok so curiosity and the awesome price tag got the best of me and oh. my. god. I literally cannot stop playing this.

I'm doing mostly survival mode one map and mining hardcore on my other one loving each one just as much.

The two maps they've given me couldn't be more different. My map on my survival guy is this huge sprawling valley scape with these huge buttes slamming up through the world like giant skyscrapers. A few of them have waterfalls coming off them also. I basically started my game off by climbing to the top of the highest one and carving out a little cave. Then I decided it would be cool to connect them all with these huge sky bridges so I took advantage of the fact that if you're crouching, you can't fall off the edge of the blocks so I made a couple of these bridges that connect these big mountains.

I'm practically tripping over exposed caves and dungeons on that map as well plus there's a big volcano right next to a cave. I'm going to try and dig a trench down to the dungeon and basically unleash a lava flow down into it

My other map is almost all water where it spawned me but 3 dungeons!! I cleared out one and am basically down about 12 levels up from the void with a bunch of lava caverns mining for diamonds. I turned the difficulty to peaceful which removes all enemies so I can mine in peace.

Check this out. I had no idea guys have gone to these extremes!
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