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Exclamation Samsung Galaxy S Captivate problems

What's up guys? I had no idea this section of the forum existed haha. Well, I ditched iPhone for an Android phone yesterday. I got a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and so far it's pretty cool but there are some problems with it that are making me want my iPhone back.

I can't sync it to my computer!

The ring tones suck on this phone and I'm trying to upload my ring tones. Every time I connect my phone to my computer, I get that "searching for drivers" bubble. I'm running Vista Home Premium x64. I've tried putting my phone in Keis mode, Media Player, and Mass Storage mode but it only recognizes my phone on Media and Storage mode. All I want to do is put music and ring tones on my phone and it's turned into a 2 day marathon now. My brother connected my phone to his laptop (Running Windows 7) and it synced perfectly fine. He tried his phone on my computer and he got the same problem I was getting. We both have the same phone. On an irrelevant note, his WD Passport doesn't work on my computer for some reason.

Is there something that I'm missing? I've downloaded the USB drivers multiple times already and I'm not getting any results.

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