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Default Re: What is the next latest and greatest Droid? (verizon)

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
Verizon will have a nationwide 4G network that is larger than AT&T's 3g network by January, so I'd hold off getting an Android phone on Verizon unless you can deal with the fact that you will miss out on 4G.

IMO the best 2 phones on Verizon are the incredible and the X. I went with the X, but if I was going to keep the phones stock I'd go with the incredible. Though the hardware isn't as good on paper it runs circles around the X in everyday use. HTC sense is much better than motoblur.
Will the new Verizon network allow for data and voice at the same time? The current network is larger, more stable and typically allows better average data transfer rates nationwide, but it has limitations.
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