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Default Re: Single GTX460 1GB worse than 8800GT 512MB SLI?

Originally Posted by gameboy115 View Post
That is normal, indeed 8800gt sli is better than GTX460
That's complete BS. Not a chance that 800gt SLI would be faster than single 460...

Tomshardware sucks and i don't trust them for a second due to earlier experiences.

As you can see the dual 9800gt SLI (actually even slightly faster than 8800gt) manages 21.33 fps in crysis on Highest in 1920x1200 with no AA while the 460 in the second picture manages 22 fps and thats on the same settings PLUS 4xAA. 4xAA, which more than makes up for the few extra fps that Warhead surpasses original Crysis thanks to optimization and tweaked settings before release. Also note here how 5870 and 4870 has about the same FPS on the both performance charts, which imo really shows that the 460 is good to keep 22 fps on those settings when 4xAA is applied, if u took the AA away the the comparison would also be more fair.

So i'd say the 460 is definitely faster than dual 8800gt.
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