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Default Is my CPU too little for GTX460?

So, looking around the forums & the net; I get the impression that maybe my CPU is holding back my 460. I "upgraded" from a GTX 260 216 and without changing the settings in games (like all medium for BFBC2), it seems to be performing about the same if not actually a little worse.

My specs -
E8300 2.5GHZ stock
4GB DDR2 800
8800GT ( for physx)
300Gb Velociraptor
850w Corsair PWR
W7 64bit

Everything is running stock and when I had the same setup above with the GTX260 & an E8400 dual core, games -specifically BFBC2, just seem to run smoother.

I thought that getting the E8300 quad and the GTX460 would be a good temporary upgrade until I build a new system next spring, but now I'm thinking I should have just stuck with the E8400/GTX260.

Does anyone think it would it be worth the trouble to get a Q9650 until i build a newer system next year?

*Note, overclocking this setup doesn't work -apparently these GSKILL memory sticks don't like to run anything over DDR2 800;other than that they are stable.
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