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Default Tearing hulu after suspend with 260.19.12 and xorg-server 1.9.1rc2

I noticed terrible tearing with huludesktop after the first suspend of my laptop. Before the suspend, the tearing only happens rarely. After it wake up from the suspend, the tearing happens all the time, only invisible when the scene is almost static. I tried to change the quanity setting to low, but it does not help. Restart X does not help either, and the tearing is there with or without composite until I restart the machine. I tried to compare the bugreport generated, nothing suspicious. I did notice there is some change in the lspci output: 0xaa changed from 1 to 0 after the suspend, I set it back to 1 using setpci, but the tearing is still visible. All the other things work fine. You can find nvidia-bug-report.log.gz before and after the suspend in the attachment.
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