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Default Re: Official Resident Evil 5 Thread

Originally Posted by LT.Schaffer View Post
Yeah Dead rising 2 is Alot of Fun and you can move and aim

also there's something really funny about being dressed as a cowboy+hitting Zombies with a Lunch tray +riding around running them over with a 3 year old's bike with training wheels

Or Dressed in a tourist hat while wearing Red long Underwear+Green super hero Boots+Swinging a Gumball Machine

Also i have not yet tried Co-op but if i'm on sometime we could try a game...looks like it would be Hilarious!

I might Be Picking Up Resident Evil 5, so i would Be Up for Co-op If your bro is not gonna play
Let me know!!!!

The final boss is really, really beginning to tick me off.
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