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Default Re: VDPAU problem after upgrade to 260.19.04

xine can play live dvb but I normally use xine-ui as a frontend to vdr. Anyway, I found that xine would play vdr recordings of television programmes without problems with the 260.19.12 driver installed. It would only fail when I tried to watch live television.

Edit: I just reinstalled the 260.19.12 driver to reconfirm. This is what I found:

xine and vdr-sxfe (xine-lib based) used as frontends to vdr both hang when trying to play live TV if I specify vdpau as the video driver but work fine if I change from vdpau to xv.

xine will not play live dvb on its own if I specify vdpau as the video driver but it works fine with xv.

xine will play dvb-t recordings made by vdr (mpeg-pes) when using vdpau as the video driver but will not play some older dvb-t recordings that I made with kaffeine. I cannot recall now the exact format I had kaffeine set to use for recordings, e.g. mpeg-ts or mpeg-pes but the file utility tells me that they are mpeg transport streams. It also hangs on the few mpeg4 files I have but will play mpeg2 files that have been transcoded to dvd format and also non-mpeg format files such as flash videos (flv).

vlc, which does not use vdpau AFAIK, will happily play live and recorded dvb-t.

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