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Default Re: VDPAU video surface destroy takes too long

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
If your window is going to be the same size each time, there's no need to destroy the window or presentation queue at all, and probably not the output surfaces either. This should avoid the green flash.

If your video streams are the same size, there's no need to destroy the video mixer or video surfaces.

Still, I can see how it might be simpler to tear everything down again and start from scratch.
I need to create windows in different form factors, one to many. So yes I need to tear everything down and reconfigure every time a switching happen.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
In that case, setting the presentation queue background color to approximately black will make the flash black instead of green. The background color alpha isn't used. What's happening is that the background color is actually the overlay chroma key color, so you may just be seeing parts of the overlay showing through, when something the same color is drawn over the top of the window.
If thats the case, I don't know how to solve this puzzle, even if there is a way I could set a particular chroma key for VDPAU via the background RGB values, there will be always a chance that the key will be an exact match for some decoded RGB value of a video source and in that case those pixels in the background will show up thru the video frames - Am I correct on this? I have seen this already actually. Disabling compositing (non-overlay mode) did not fix it.

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
If that's not the issue, could you post a screenshot or photo of the issue? A small repro case might be useful too, if the overlay chroma key explanation isn't the problem.
I will try to pm you some screenshots. I think I have a temporary fix for now by setting background alpha to 1 and by recreating the child window right after presentation queue destroy.
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