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Default Is SLI in Linux worth it?

I have a GTX260 that I'm fairly happy with. I'm getting to the point where I'm considering an upgrade and I've never tried SLI before. Being a Linux user, I have next-to-zero interest in DX11 capabilities as everything here is OpenGL (or Wine-converted into OpenGL).

So I have a choice. I could spend 220-odd on a replacement card in the 4xx series or wait a while and do something similar with the 5xx series. Of course by then the ATI/AMD drivers might be good enough to consider switching. Or I could or spend 100 and get another GTX260 and put it in SLI with my current one.

Historically, I've noticed that SLI support in Linux is pretty dire. I've seen things that say you get perhaps 1fps improvement, sometimes even performance hits. It doesn't fill me with confidence... But before I say no to it completely, I'd like to know from anybody using SLI in Linux if things have improved and how good performance really is.

To complicate things slightly, I use Twinview and regularly use VDPAU. I'd need to keep doing so after the upgrade so if there are any usage notes on that, let me know please.
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