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Default Re: Front Page: First looks at Llano, HD 6850, HD 6870

More from VR-Zone:

The Radeon HD 6800 cards are based on Barts, with 1.7 billion transistors an a die size of 255 mm2. It features a tweaked architecture with a reconfigured core (details are not given), improved tessellation and IQ features. The refined architecture provides over 35% better performance/mm2. The HD 6870, based on Barts XT, features all 14 SIMD engines enabled with 1120 SP and 56 TMU, 32 ROP, clocked at 900 MHz. 4.2 GHz 1GB GDDR5 over 256-bit leads to a memory bandwidth of 134 GB/s. Dual-6 pin PCI-e connectors power the card, with a TDP of 151W. The idle power is an impressive 19W. The HD 6870 is aimed at the GTX 460 1 GB, which it comfortably outperforms by an average of 20%-30% according to AMD's internal testing.

The Radeon HD 6850 is Barts PRO. It features 12 SIMD engines - 960 SP and 48 TMU. It retains the full 32 ROPs and 256-bit memory, but is clocked at 775 MHz. Featuring a single PCIe power connector, the TDP is a reasonable 127W, and idle power is 19W. The HD 6850 is targeted at the GTX 460 768 MB and handily wipes the floor with it with an average improvement of over 30%. Of course, these are AMD's internal testing, and the real world numbers could be different, especially in lower resolutions/IQ where the GTX 460's 768 MB buffer is not a bottleneck. Still, these are huge deltas.
... And some pics from [H]:


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