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Default Re: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow

I agree some of the "reviews" I just can't understand. Is the game perfect no, but it is definitely a good game and on the same playing field as GoW, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, and Bayonetta.

There were only really 3 things that stick out on it that just feel wrong. The titan battles were terrible IMHO. They were easier than most of the other regular battles in the game. They also seem very out of place in the game and a direct copy of SotC gameplay. The chupacabra things were also just boring and a waste of time, it didn't really fit into the game. I might say if it was only done once maybe it could have worked but every time after that I was just screaming "not again". Also some of the puzzles just weren't right for this kind of an action game.

A chess like game in a action game was definitely very much out of place.


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